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GeekMeet Dallas

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Do you really have a professional IT network? If not, now is the time!

Like you, we are techies, and as techies we accept the benefits, and shortfalls of the job. One such shortfall is our lack of social networking. Let’s face it – we don’t commit a whole lot of time toward developing a professional network. Yeah, we have LinkedIn and Facebook. Maybe some of us even subscribe to But can you really call the folks you connect with on those sites a professional network?

The way we see it, a professional network should be a group of people who can actually offer you help when you need it, and who you’re willing to help when you’re able. It’s not about making 1,000 friends and collecting hundreds of email addresses. It’s about making true connections with the people behind those screen names and email addresses. It’s about developing a network of people who, like you, are building careers and wanting to live their lives to the fullest.

Your network can be there for you when you need a job, a reference, a new contract, ideas on how to hone your skills, and so much more. You don’t develop that kind of relationship by superficially adding someone as your friend on some social site, do you?

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