Job Search tools to help your sanity

Job Search tools to help your sanity

Searching for your new career can become an absolute blur or rapid applying/phone interviews and its easy to loose track of where you’ve applied etc. So here are a couple tools to consider to help you with your job search and they are free!

Airtable:   You can use the Job Hunting Template with some already to go fields Company, Notes, Size of the co, Location, Link to the job etc. The beauty of Airtable is its like Trello but other view and connection options. Think of it as a powerful project management tool for your job search with a versatility of a spreadsheet on steroids. It also has some many other free and awesome uses for every day life as well.

Is your calendar needing help with scheduling all those phone interviews? Check out  Tired of the back and forth trying to schedule interviews with recruiters? You can set it up for free!

Ever considered adding some Job Search apps to your mobile? Makes it way easier for applying on the go- LinkedIn, Indeed, Snagajob even Glassdoor. All have apps to make it that much more convenient and you accessible for recruiters to find you!

Danni Barker
Senior Cyber Recruiter
Guest Blogger, Dallas Tech Recruiter

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