True Hiring Partnership

True Hiring Partnership

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We recently engaged with a client for a new search recruiting for several IT positions. They currently don’t have the bandwidth with their internal staff to handle the amount of technology positions all at once. I am grateful for our partnership and the trust involved on both sides. I think a lot can be learned from this for hiring IT professionals or other skill sets for an any organization.

From being in the recruiting business for quite a while, I see quite a few companies work with several recruiting vendors for only a couple of IT positions. In some cases, I have seen a company work with 4-5. Typically this doesn’t help the company trying to fill the position, the vendors trying to find candidate, and the candidates that are getting contacted 3-4 times about the same role. Choose 1-2 vendors that you can count on & trust to fill the roles. That should be enough if there is good communication both ways through the process. Ask for agency referrals from people you know.

TRUST your vendor partner

This particular relationship has worked very well for both sides. I think hiring authorities & recruiting vendors could benefit from better relationships, trust, and transparency. Let the recruiters have access and talk to the hiring managers, meet with them face to face. Ask the right questions. This only helps save everyone time. Many times I see companies just send a job description and expect the recruiter to fill it without digging in – getting all the details, finding out about the culture, and honing in on what the client is really looking for. Job descriptions rarely tell the whole story. In technology hiring, one variation in a requirement or skill can make all the difference. Recruiters may be going down the wrong path with one change. Help save managers, candidates, and recruiter’s time. As recruiters we need all the tools to sell your job correctly.

Technology Makes Things Simple

I think most of us are a little tired of email. While email can be effective in some cases, we are all pretty bogged down with it in our daily to do’s, tasks, and replies – With this partner, they setup a Trello Board to collaborate in the hiring process as well as another communication tool similar to Slack that has an open discussion forum. The Trello board is setup to show the various stages of hiring.

All the hiring managers, stakeholders, and recruiters are on the Trello board and everyone can see the stages: Submittal – Phone Screen – Face to Face – Coding examples – Team Interviews – Offer. You can set this up however you’d like.

Each card has the resume uploaded as well as any tidbits about the candidate. (Salary, phone #, skills, etc) Managers then can let the recruiter know if they would like to phone screen or bring them in for face to face interviews. In addition, you can label and color code the cards as to whether it is a client/company candidate or a vendor candidate.

This has flowed very well and sped up the hiring process immensely. So far it’s been great and we have enjoyed this new trial with our client. Feedback is given quickly within 1/2 day to 1 day. Everyone knows where the candidates are in the process and both sides can comment and schedule interviews without the back and forth on email, waiting for feedback etc which sometimes takes days.

I hope to be able to work with other clients in the same format. Once the trust is established on both sides, it should be smooth sailing from there.

Let me know how it goes if you decide to implement this in your hiring.

Welcome any comments or thoughts!

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