How to work with a Recruiter

How to work with a Recruiter

In the IT Field, job seekers are typically in one of two categories, they either work with recruiters all the time as contractors, corp to corp, or W2 hourly or they change jobs every few years. Those that work as contractors, typically have a specific skill set and niche that there might be a few recruiters they work with in that skill set -(Business Intelligence & ERP both come to mind). Others may work in a general area (Systems, Networking, Java, .NET, Databases, Open Source) which might require working with multiple recruiters to find a position and aren’t familiar with how things work.

In general, there are some tips you may want to use when looking for a position and working with recruiters.

  1. Make a list and keep track of the positions you have applied to. There are times when companies work with several different recruiting vendors for the same position. This causes an overlap in recruiters going after the same talent. As a result, candidates may be contacted by 2-3 recruiters for the same position. Make sure that your resume isn’t sent by more than one agency recruiter, this will hurt your chances and sometimes eliminate you from being considered.Find out who is submitting you and keep track when it was sent.
  2. If you see a position you are interested in, find out if any of your contacts work there or if any of the recruiters you are working with has them as a client. Sometimes going through a recruiter, your chances are better since they have direct contact with the hiring manager. If you apply directly to the role, the recruiter will not be able to assist you since their fee is tied to presenting the candidate.
  3. Keep your recruiters informed of what is going on with your other interviews. It helps if you are honest with them about your other activity and that way companies can move on to other candidates. If you are certain about an offer pending in the next day or two, it doesn’t make much sense to take a phone screen that day.
  4. Be clear on what you are looking for in a new position when you are talking to a recruiter so they are able to match you with the right company and role. (Location, Salary, Benefits, Duties/Responsibilities). When it comes to salary, be as specific as possible and let them know the range you are looking for and minimum/bottom that you would consider.

Good luck in your search!!

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