Need Holiday Cash? $$ Make a referral

Need Holiday Cash? $$ Make a referral

A few openings in .NET, Java, SCCM/Windows, UX right now…

Ask me about our new referral program. We will pay out $500 for any referrals who get placed for at least 60 days.

Referral Guidelines:

1. Referral does not already exist in our internal database.

2. Referral has not applied to one of our current open positions in the last 60 days.

3. If the candidate you refer is hired for Improving or an external client through our Networked Recruiting, you will receive a referral award of $500 (gift card) after the employee has worked for 60 days.

4. *Anyone who is not a salaried Improving Enterprises employee or relative is eligible.

5. Referral program is effective between 7/15/12 and 12/31/13 and may be extended at the discretion of Improving Enterprises.

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