Is your PROFILE up to date on LinkedIn? This is becoming the #1 tool for recruiters to find you.

If you are searching for a new position or testing the market, make sure you have your LinkedIn Profile up to date. As you may or may not know, there is a feature called INMAIL that recruiters can use if they have paid a monthly fee
for upgraded service. However, if you want to be found, follow these tips.

  1. Fill out the SUMMARY section with your career highlights and specialties.
  2. If you are out of work, put something like “Searching for next Software Development position” in your headline
  3. Under SPECIALTIES, make sure you list your tools, technologies, etc
  4. Under each job, list your keywords, technologies, and tools AGAIN – we use these keywords to find you.
  5. Make sure your latest employer is on the profile along with job duties
  6. There is now a new section called “Skills and Expertise” that you can add to your profile. This allows you a choice of keywords.
  7. Ask your network for recommendations from previous jobs.
  8. Most importantly, under CONTACT – ┬álist your contact email and make sure it is up to date if you would like employers or recruiters to find you. So often I see that email addresses are listed from previous employers and not up to date. If you don’t mind phone calls, list your number there too.
  9. Post presentations, talks, or powerpoint slides using BOX.NET to show prospective employers your skills and abilities.
  10. JOIN as many relevant GROUPS as you can, participant in industry discussions as much as possible.

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