Microsoft OneNote for Recruiting

Microsoft OneNote for Recruiting

OneNote iconAny Microsoft OneNote enthusiasts out there? I have been using OneNote for the past 6 months for my daily recruiting tasks. I was wondering how many other recruiters are using this tool to keep track of job reqs and to do’s. We use Taleo Business Edition for Applicant Tracking which does a decent job of record keeping. It becomes a bit tedious sometimes with all the clicking involved.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, it is a notebook that has tabs similar to a physical notebook. You can create Sections and Sub Sections for whatever you are needing to do. For recruiting, I use it to keep track of  all the open requirements we are working on it. While I am talking to candidates I can make notes. It is really nice to have all the job descriptions in one place. I think a lot of times recruiters have to print out the job reqs or scramble around their computer for them on their computer file folders. You can cut and paste or “print” the document to your notebook space and make any edits that you want to. You could also store and client information, hiring manager info, or addresses that you need to send to candidates.

Here is a demo of the product — > MS OneNote

I have talked to quite a few people out there who haven’t heard of it and don’t realize it is on their computer or part of the MS Office Suite. There is also an iPhone app that is available. This allows you to sync any edits from your phone or on your computer so everything is up to date if you have an account on Other features that are nice: create a task or reminder that is shown on your Outlook tasks. Or cut and paste emails, pictures, links or whatever you can think of. You can move around text in the notebook to wherever you want on the page. I have experimented with Mac’s version of Evernote but it is not as robust as OneNote.

Give it a try and experiment with it to see if it works for you too.

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