Devops Manager – Dallas, Tx – Full-time, Direct Hire

New Opening: Feb/2016, know anyone??

Manager of DevOps
Location: Dallas – off 75
Full-time, Direct Hire

Salary – $120-130K + 15-20% bonus

Improving Enterprises has partnered on a search for a Manager of DevOps with a favorite client looking for a direct hire to join their team. This financially STABLE company has a great culture and laid back environment. The company is in growth mode and this is a newly created position.

About the Role:
Unique opportunity to set the foundation for the organization’s DevOps Engineers and lead them towards efficient standards and practices. Your background is one of a solid systems administrator lead, release management, or deployment manager. You have a good vision of what it takes to create and maintin and solid DevOps environment. The company is going through a new system/code re-write process. The role will consist of a 50/50 balance between hands on DevOps and management responsibilities as it pertains to the goals of the IT group.

Environment / Requirements / Technology:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 2 DevOps Engineers on staff, will add another soon
  • Experience with DevOp Tools such as: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker
  • Open Source, Linux based experience (LAMP stack or similar)
  • Experience with networking, systems engineering, databases
  • Strong background with SaaS platforms, Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with load balancing, performance enhancements, deployment improvements
  • Web Server experience – Apache, JBOSS
  • Familiar with Agile/SCRUM development process or similar
  • Lead/Management experience with budgets, planning, and strategy
  • Excellent time management and communication skills to work with upper management on product strategy.
  • Will be re-tooling & creating new software product this year


  • Laid back work environment – casual, great people
  • Employee covered for Medical
  • BCBS – 5 plans to choose from
  • FSA plan
  • 401K match up to 4%, vested day 1
  • Life insurance
  • Long term disablity, supplemental coverages available
  • PTO – 16 days with 5 flex days – basically saying be responsible, do your work and time off will be allotted
  • 9 company holidays
  • Snacks/Drinks available for free

Company events/outings:

  • Main Event
  • Top Golf
  • Welcome Lunches
  • Movies
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Dallas Tech Fest 2016 – January 29th

Join us for Dallas Tech Fest 2016 on January 29th at the Alamo Drafthouse from 8-4For more information – Dallas TechFest

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New Opening: Software Architect in Dallas – E-Commerce

We have a great opportunity for a .NET Software Architect in Dallas w/ an E-Commerce company. Excellent culture and work environment. Architect some new solutions and work with some bright minds. This company has their own development lab for you to play with various tools and create a business case for production.

Excellent benefits!

Inquire about this with me – or chat w/ me live at LIVE CHAT

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Think about your posture on your next interview – TED Talk

Might be a good idea to do a “power pose” before your next interview

Amy Cuddy’s research on body language reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions — and even our own body chemistry — simply by changing body positions.

watch here – TED TALK

Why you should listen

Amy Cuddy wasn’t supposed to become a successful scientist. In fact, she wasn’t even supposed to finish her undergraduate degree. Early in her college career, Cuddy suffered a severe head injury in a car accident, and doctors said she would struggle to fully regain her mental capacity and finish her undergraduate degree.

But she proved them wrong. Today, Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, where she studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments affect people from the classroom to the boardroom. And her training as a classical dancer (another skill she regained after her injury) is evident in her fascinating work on “power posing” — how your body position influences others and even your own brain.

What others say

“Using a few simple tweaks to body language, Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy discovers ways to help people become more powerful.” — TIME Game Changers, March 19, 2012

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GeekMeet Networking, Aug 12th @ The Londoner

Join GeekMeet on August 12th to network with other IT professionals in Dallas.
It’s important to build & maintain your professional network. Your network can be there for you when you need a job, a reference, a new contract, ideas on how to hone your skills, and so much more.

Date: August 12th
Place: The Londoner
14930 Midway Road
Addison, TX 75001
Time: 5 – 7:30pm

More information – and RSVP –

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LinkedIn Talent Article – 5 things recruiters do that drive candidates crazy

Saw this posting today from the LinkedIn Talent Blog, Author Paul Petrone. I think it rings true for a lot of people. From the recruiter standpoint, unfortunately we have some trouble getting information from clients in a timely manner or they will just say “we pass” on a candidate and will not give specifics on why. These things can certainly make a job search frustrating for a job seeker.

As a recruiter, we assume you don’t want to annoy candidates. Even looking at it in the most selfish way possible, it hurts your ability to close candidates and ruins your company’s reputation, which is never good for the bottom line.

So, to help you understand what irritates candidates most, we surveyed more than 20,000 professionals and asked them a pretty simple question: “What one thing frustrates you most about the recruiting process?”

While there was a wide-array of responses, five themes emerged. Without further ado, here are the five things recruiters do that drive candidates crazy and solutions for you:

1. They don’t keep candidates up-to-date

This is one of the most common responses we saw. People who didn’t get a job were upset when recruiters didn’t tell them. And, candidates who were still in the process complained that they only hear from a recruiter when it’s convenient for the recruiter.

Sample responses:

“Lack of communication. I’m left to guess that they’ve gone with another candidate because my phone stops ringing and my emails go unanswered.”

“Poor communication from the recruiter. They should respond back in a timely matter. They are the ones who made contact.”

“Recruiters can be very selfish with communication.”


Keep your candidates warm by contacting them at least once-a-week, even if there is no new news to report. And let your candidates know if they don’t get the job, particularly if they interviewed with you.

2. The hiring process is sloooooooow

Another very popular one. A lot of people complained the hiring process was just too long and burdensome.

Sample responses:

“The process takes so long! Speeding up the application process would make me a lot happier.”

“It takes too long for interviewers to get back with recruiters and too long for recruiters to set up interviews. There appears to be no sense of urgency.”

“Length of the process.”


Obviously, shorten the process when possible. But, if you feel like you can’t shorten it without compromising quality, keep candidates engaged by consistently communicating with them.

3. They don’t give straight answers

Quite a few people complained that recruiters didn’t give them straight answers about the position or embellished. Some even said they were outright lied to.

Sample responses:

“Too much mystery. More upfront information could save both parties a lot of time.”

“Selling the company for something it isn’t.”

“Recruiters tend to oversell the company. It’s tough to get an accurate idea of the good and the bad.”


Lying or exaggerating about a position is never a good idea and will almost certainly have a negative outcome. Think about it – if you hire someone under false pretenses, how long do you really think they’ll stay? Obviously, the solution here is just to be as honest and straightforward as possible. That’s the only way to hire the best fit for the role and keep everyone happy.

4. They reach out despite knowing nothing about the person

This was another one of the most common complaints cited by professionals.

Sample responses:

“Recruiters who don’t bother to read my resume before contacting me.”

“I find that recruiters just troll LinkedIn for candidates and don’t actually look at my profile.”

“Recruiters having done minimal research or just cold calling without knowing my specific skills and contributions.”


Not only is this annoying for candidates, it’s ineffective for recruiters. Targeting the people who are most likely to accept the job and then researching them before you reach out is the most effective way to recruit passive candidates.

5. They don’t know the job. At all.

This was a particularly common complaint among people who work in the technical fields.

Sample responses:

“Recruiters usually have little knowledge about what the actual job entails besides what’s written on the job description. It doesn’t give them much credibility.”

“Most recruiters don’t speak with knowledge of the industry or job they are hiring for.”


You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field you are recruiting in, but you should at least know it enough to have a conversation about it. So, be sure to have at least a cursory knowledge of the position and what it entails before reaching out to candidates.

To learn more about what talent is experiencing and what they like (or don’t like) during the job-seeking process, download our free 2015 Talent Trends report.

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Texas – Hot Job Market

Recent Dallas Morning News article stated that Texas is one of the hottest job markets in the US.

Texas and Florida top the list, according to a new report from ZipRecruiter. (See full list below.)

Why? The recovery of Sunbelt real estate markets, continued in-migration from other parts of the country and lower business costs translate to more demand for jobs.

Overall, the southern part of the United States has been the top performing region for job creation over the last 20 years. Last year, 23 of the top 50 job markets were in the South, which posted an average jobless rate of 5.5 percent, according to ZipRecruiter, an online recruiting site for small businesses.

Texas ranked No. 2 (+407,400 new jobs) behind California (+471,200 new jobs) in 2014.

ZipRecruiter also analyzed hiring demand trends to determine which industries saw the greatest growth so far this year in Sunbelt metro areas. The biggest job demand has been in the trucking and transportation industry, followed by information technology jobs and biological research.

1 Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.
2 Dallas-Fort Worth
3 Houston
4 Richmond, Va.
5 Jacksonville, Fla.
6 Memphis, Tenn.
7 Roanoke, Va.
8 Greenville, S.C.
9 Huntsville, Ala.
10 Orlando, Fla.
11 Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla.
12 Durham, N.C.
13 Greensboro, N.C.
14 Winchester, Va.
15 Spartanburg, S.C.
16 El Paso
17 Danville, Va.
18 Lubbock
19 Mobile, Ala.
20 Myrtle Beach, S.C.
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How to work with a Recruiter

In the IT Field, job seekers are typically in one of two categories, they either work with recruiters all the time as contractors, corp to corp, or W2 hourly or they change jobs every few years. Those that work as contractors, typically have a specific skill set and niche that there might be a few recruiters they work with in that skill set -(Business Intelligence & ERP both come to mind). Others may work in a general area (Systems, Networking, Java, .NET, Databases, Open Source) which might require working with multiple recruiters to find a position and aren’t familiar with how things work.

In general, there are some tips you may want to use when looking for a position and working with recruiters.

  1. Make a list and keep track of the positions you have applied to. There are times when companies work with several different recruiting vendors for the same position. This causes an overlap in recruiters going after the same talent. As a result, candidates may be contacted by 2-3 recruiters for the same position. Make sure that your resume isn’t sent by more than one agency recruiter, this will hurt your chances and sometimes eliminate you from being considered.Find out who is submitting you and keep track when it was sent.
  2. If you see a position you are interested in, find out if any of your contacts work there or if any of the recruiters you are working with has them as a client. Sometimes going through a recruiter, your chances are better since they have direct contact with the hiring manager. If you apply directly to the role, the recruiter will not be able to assist you since their fee is tied to presenting the candidate.
  3. Keep your recruiters informed of what is going on with your other interviews. It helps if you are honest with them about your other activity and that way companies can move on to other candidates. If you are certain about an offer pending in the next day or two, it doesn’t make much sense to take a phone screen that day.
  4. Be clear on what you are looking for in a new position when you are talking to a recruiter so they are able to match you with the right company and role. (Location, Salary, Benefits, Duties/Responsibilities). When it comes to salary, be as specific as possible and let them know the range you are looking for and minimum/bottom that you would consider.

Good luck in your search!!

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Happy Hour – Geekmeet – October 22nd

Happy Hour – The Lion & Crown — RSVP!  Also, look out for Happy Hours in Nov & Dec – coming soon.

GeekMeet Dallas

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
5:30 PM – 8PM

Lion and Crown
5001 Addison Cir
Addison, TX

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New Opening: Sept 14th – Windows Systems Engineer – DFW Airport area

Here is a new role that we have available with a client in the DFW Airport area. If you are interested, email me at

They are looking for a Senior Level Windows Systems Engineer  Immediate need, will move quickly. If anyone comes to mind, we offer $500 referral bonus.

Full-time, direct hire – DFW Airport area
Senior Level Windows Systems Engineer

 Here is what they are looking for:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years in Infrastructure experience
  • 5+ years installing, maintaining, troubleshooting Win 2003 / Win 2008 in a large enterprise
  • Windows Server specifications – (Active Directory, DHCP, GPO, etc)
  • Experience with Linux/Unix
  • In depth knowledge of Virtualization – VMWare and/or Hyper-V
  • Scripting knowledge – Powershell or VBScript
  • Automation technologies and tools
  • Networking expertise
  • Fast paced environment, 24/7 with on call rotation
  • Great benefits and good working team

Windows, IT Staffing, Systems, Dallas, Linux, VmWare

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